Weddings & Comissions


Weddings transcend culture and class. There are so few occasions when you will be surrounded by those you hold closest to you, joining you in celebration of the next stage of life. To be invited to not only to share but to capture these moments are a privilege and so should be treated as such. Often, this is not understood, but should be as it is an integral part of the way the photos are taken. An understanding of who you are as people should be required in order to make that happen instead of mindlessly getting generic shots. My style of wedding photography is a very personal documentary style of genuine real moments as they unfold during the day often in the context of the surrounding scenery - after all my background is travel photography. Destination weddings are a speciality. Otherwise I endeavour to capture the happiness of the day as a reflection of who you are as a couple.  


Primarily based between Yorkshire and Essex, I mostly cover the Whiterose locale and surrounding areas - Sheffield, York and Leeds. Because of the travel background, destination weddings produce exquisite outomes. 


Wedding photography is not my primary source of income, I shoot weddings almost for fun. Both my prices and as a result  availability reflect this. Exact figures are available on enquiry depending on the level of service required. However as a minimum, unlike most photographer I deliver at minimum 

1 print, mounted and framed. In addition, I realise how important social media is and that people want to share their happiness as soon as possible so I deliver 5 professional images for social media on the day. 

Packages pages coming soon, in the mean time get in touch for more information.​