Street Scenes & Cityscapes

It is often said that landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment, but I feel that street photography is in actuality the most difficult form. It is the capturing of ordinary scenes of people within their everyday environment and perhaps allows the most creativity. Great patience is required for the scene to click into place (if you pardon the pun) - for the elements to line up and then for a composition to be achieved. It also remains very polarising in opinion, with the photo-journalistic documentary style lending itself to poignant pieces of social commentary or stories frozen in time. However, many will think of it as ordinary as it does not possess the same visual  oomph that dramatic landscapes do - but to those people I emphasise one of the fundamental rules of photography. Don't look at a photo, look into it. 

Nevertheless, most of this collection are cityscapes, which is arguably far easier to capture than a good street scene and requires, like a lot of other photography, a good understanding of where to stand. Much like landscapes, they are often reliant on the architectural endeavours of humankind in the construction of an aesthetic city. Regardless they have their own particular charm which may be what you are looking for on your own wall.