Print & Editing Services

If you are looking for more information about the prints themselves, click here for the guide to prints & frames.

However, there will be many an occasion where what is offered on this website is not exactly what you had in mind. 

This is ok, after all we are all individuals with our personal hopes, dreams, desires and photographic and print requirements.

I'm happy to undertake a personalised project - perhaps you have a huge space where you want an extra large print, perhaps you want advice on multiple prints, sizes and layout. Maybe you have been away on travels and hold dear the photos you have taken. If this is the case, I'm very happy to touch up and print your photos - all you need to do is ask.

If you are planning a trip and would like some prints on your return, there are a few tips I can offer you to maximise the quality of your images. 

See guide to cameras and basics of photography

If you have had an event, perhaps a wedding and have had digital images for a while and now would like them in radiant physical prints, I'm very happy to oblige.