The classical form of all photography. I find it difficult to put an unambiguous meaning to what a  landscape is exactly. Dictionaries define it along the lines of  'collections of features in areas of  land which have an aesthetic appeal'. 

Does it it include rice fields, people on mountains or in boats? I can't answer that. However, what I can do is capture moments of scenes that have really captivated me. There may be overlap between landscapes and other categories because of the nebulous nature of both  the category and travel photography in general. 

One thing to remember about landscape photography, in fact photography in general is that "we see things not as they are, but as we are"  illustrating perfectly the subjectivity in what makes a good photo. It is a creative medium interpreted along the lines of emotion it evokes. Yes there are technical aspects of what makes a good photo - but ultimately you want something on the wall that you feel and you like, not something that just follows the arbitrary rules of photogrpahy.