Guide to Prints 

This page is a practical guide to prints, mounts and sizes.

Print: Simply as is, a printed photo on high quality photograhic paper

Mount: A solid card border to the photograph

Frame: The external structure that the mount or photo rests in


All prints come mounted as minimum and there is a range of size of both the mount itself, and the print within the mount.

The sizes of the mounts correspond vaguely to:

Small = 8 x 10" (20 x 25 cm) mount 

Medium = 12 x 16" (30.48 x 40.64 cm) mount

Large = 16 x 20" (40.64 x 50.8 cm) mount

Now for both the small and large options, the prints can come in two sizes. The image above is an A3 print in a 16 x 20" mount. The other option is A4 on 16 x 20".  Similarly in the 8 x 10" mounts, you  have the option of 6 x 4" (15 x 10 cm) or 7 x 5" (13 x 18 cm)


The reason for the choice can be simplified to, is it a simple or complex picture i.e. is there a lot going on? If there is, I would print that larger. If there is not I would print it smaller. They both will fit the same frame and same mount. The other way to look at it, is if you want a more gallery-style approach, get the smaller photo in the bigger mount.


However, I would like to emphasise this is not an exact science and comes down to personal opinion, there are many instances where I have done the opposite. The above is just a rough guide.

While I don't do prints bigger than A3, usually, I am able to take special orders - but bear in mind, larger prints like that don't suit spaces there are not designed for them. 



Tne default order for frames is black. Other finishes are available but have to be made to order. Each frame measures 39mm wide with a brushed finish made from MDF wood. Everything is manufactured in the UK, most of it in Yorkshire. Please specify which colour frame you would like at checkout. If you have any special requests, let me know and hopefully I can accommodate. 


For club and competition photographers

I can print an A3 image or A4 to fit into a regulation 500 x 400 mm mount. If this is something you are interested in, please specify in the notes section of the order.