Basics of Photography


Taking a photograph is easy, taking a good photograph is not. Photography is a discipline which is very easy to learn but extremely difficult to master. There is a vast expanse in the gap between an average photographer and a very skilled one, which some never overcome. Some may have technically brilliant images, whilst lacking emotion and story. Others may be all emotion but technically crippled.

Before being able to take a good photograph, an understanding of the tool is required. You have to be able to know how to use a camera.  From there you will have the basic skills necessary to expose images correctly. Soon that will become second nature and then the focus will shift onto composition.  

Exposure is the lighting of the imaging and composition is what the photo is about and how it is presented, the arrangement of the elements with the photo.

When it comes to photography, if you understand exposure and composition, that is all you need in order to produce quality images. So if you are planning to travel and then hold some of the memories on your return in the form of prints, in order to maximise the quality of your images I suggest you get a basic understanding to photography. The only 2 things you really need to are exposure & composition