Like most kids, my love for photography started with a school trip and an instant camera. From there it was just photo after photo. I only started taking it semi seriously during university where I nicked my dad's Canon EOS 20D and ended up working as an event photographer in Newcastle. Then during one particularly quiet summer, where all I was doing was trying to lift some weights to no longer repulse women, one of my dear friends suggested we go travelling. I ended up on a trip around South East Asia with a very average compact point and shoot. When I realised my images would not do justice to the beauty of the places we visited, I decided to get my own proper camera. The photos and travels never stopped. Since then, I had been asked to do portraits, weddings, more events and now prints.

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So if you have any questions or queries or just fancy a general chat about cameras, don't hesitate to contact me. My details are below.

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